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Huffington Post – Pimp My Art: Ten Questions for Jason Alper

October 2010

The man who put Sacha Baron Cohen in the iconic flouriest Mankini (Borat), glistening sweatpants (Ali G) and bondage fetish gear (Bruno), has some new clients including Ms. Mona Lisa and a Laughing Cavalier. In an oil-based art show opening on Monday (September 27th) at theĀ Guy Hepner Gallery in West Hollywood, Jason Alper has improved the classics in order to encapsulate the “Proletarian Drift and the Enfranchisement of the Bourgeoisie in the 21st Century,” as the title of the show has it. In other words, the soon to be foreclosed upon mega-mansions of theĀ Real Housewives can reach new heights of customization where the walk-in closet matches the living room wall decorations.

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