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British GQ Man of the Year Issue Sept 2015 Jason Alper Feature by Dylan Jones

September 2015

Dylan Jones and Jason Alper discuss the Art of Irony in this month’s British GQ,  Man of the Year Issue, Spet 2015. On shelves now. Link to come.


October 2011

It was all about art, and celebrities – who, while present – played second fiddle at the charity event, Art Mére / Art Pére Night put on by the Hollywood Power Players and founders of Art Mére Art Pére, (Jim Toth, Brooke Kivowitz and Courtney Kivowitz). Cocktails flowed (courtesy of Corzo tequila) and art was auctioned, all to benefit the Livestrong Foundation, which fights to improve the lives of people affected by cancer…….Some of the artists who donated works included photographer Patrick Hoelck, modernist Jason Alper….

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September 2011




March 2011


December 2010

Playboy – After Hours

November 2010

Huffington Post – Pimp My Art: Ten Questions for Jason Alper

October 2010

The man who put Sacha Baron Cohen in the iconic flouriest Mankini (Borat), glistening sweatpants (Ali G) and bondage fetish gear (Bruno), has some new clients including Ms. Mona Lisa and a Laughing Cavalier. In an oil-based art show opening on Monday (September 27th) at the Guy Hepner Gallery in West Hollywood, Jason Alper has improved the classics in order to encapsulate the “Proletarian Drift and the Enfranchisement of the Bourgeoisie in the 21st Century,” as the title of the show has it. In other words, the soon to be foreclosed upon mega-mansions of the Real Housewives can reach new heights of customization where the walk-in closet matches the living room wall decorations.

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Los Angeles Times – Mona Lisa meets Louis Vuitton in art gallery show

September 2010

We may never know why Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is smiling, but in Jason Alper’s version it’s pretty clear: She’s wearing a dress covered with the Louis Vuitton logo print. And he hasn’t stopped there, Alper gives Thomas Gainsborough’s “The Blue Boy” a similar wardrobe makeover and splashed the distinctive LV logo all over the tablecloth at “The Last Supper” to boot.

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Vanity Fair – Artist Jason Alper Discusses Warhol, Sacha Baron-Cohen’s Package, and Louis Vuitton

September 2010

Where would Borat be without the Mankini? Or Bruno without his Velcro suit?

Artist Jason Alper has been the right-hand man to Sacha Baron-Cohen’s left for nearly 15 years, creating the look—and the shocking costumes—of the comic’s legendary characters Ali G., Borat, and Bruno.

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GQ – Rogue’s Gallery

June 2010